Armor-Bond FLEX AP-1230 A/B

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Price From: $21.50


Armor-Bond FLEX (AP-1230) is a two-part, flexible polyurethane adhesive with a 3-4 minutes work time. Designed to bond together many of BJB’s flexible polyurethane cast products, this adhesive exhibits excellent bond strength and shock absorption. AP-1230 can also be used to bond BJB flexible polyurethane foams and other flexible substrates.  Available in 50 ml and 200 ml cartridges, or in bulk form of quart and gallon kits.

Applications include: Industrial, Structural, General Purpose, Costumes, Cosplay, etc. 

AP-1230 is available in 50 ml and 200 ml cartridges as well as bulk packaging.

50ml cartridge package includes A&B Cartridge, (2) 1/4X20 Static Mix Tips, desiccant pouch, and is sealed in a mylar bag. A dispense gun is required to dispense through the static mix tube.  

200ml cartridges require purchase of 1/4 X 16 mix tubes and Dispense Gun

Both the 50ml and200 ml cartridges may also be purchased by the case (12 each). Dispense Gun and additional mix tips may be purchased separately.

  • RoHS/REACH Compliant
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Thixotropic Bead
  • Quick Setting
  • Convenient 1:1 (pbv) mix ratio
  • Remains Flexible

Shore Hardness Worktime Viscosity Ratio
70 A3-4 minutesNon-Flowable100/100 pbvTranslucent

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Item Color Translucent

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