Cartridges for Hand-Held Dispense Guns

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Material Cartridges for Hand-Held Dispense Guns

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These material cartridges are for the CPE-10, CPE-25, and CPE-40 hand-held dispense guns. Available sizes are:

  • SXS 450S - 150ML X 300ML (5oz X 10oz) 1:2 OR 2:1 Ratio Materials
  • SXS 300S - 150ml X 150ML (5oz X 5oz) 1:1 Ratio Materials
  • SXS 600S - 300ml X 300ML (10oz X 10oz) 1:1 Ratio Materials
  • SXS 1500S - 750ml X 750ML (25oz X 25oz) 1:1 Ratio Materials

**NOTE: Cartridge combinations depend on the CPE Hand Held Dispense Gun purchased.  Refer to the info sheet for reference. **


**NOTE: Don't forget to buy a 1/2 Retaining Nut!!  The 1/2 Retaining Nut works with all of the listed mix tubes.**


**NOTE: Typically the 1/2 Retaining Nut can be re-used for many uses.   You want a few 1/2 Nuts for back-up in case you lose or destroy them. **

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