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Flexible- Also referred to as Shore A elastomers, these materials range in hardness from gels to firm rubbers.

Semi-Rigid- Also referred to as Shore D elastomers, these hard rubbers are typically used to make wear resistant parts and molds.

Rigid- The rigid plastic urethanes simulate a wide variety of injection molded products such as polypropylene, ABS, and polycarbonate.

Clears- Our Water Clear materials range from flexible to rigid systems.  These castable urethanes are exceptionally clear and can also be pigmented.

Machine Cast- Ranging from flexible to rigid systems, these materials are well suited for machine dispensing for production and prototype parts.

Spray- These fast sprayable materials include foam, flexible, and rigid urethanes.

Foams- Rigid and flexible two-part castable, expanding foam systems.


Platinum Based- Also known as Addition-Cure, platinum silicones have a broad range of hardness’ and exhibit good heat and chemical resistance.

Tin Based- Also known as Condensation-Cure, tin silicones are user friendly and make good general purpose molds.

Silicone Accessories- Primer, thinner, and thickening agents


Epoxy Products- Laminating, surface coats, casting, adhesive, and potting epoxy systems for low and high temperature applications.

Misc Products

Misc Products- Mold releases, pigments, coatings,  and surfactants/anti-foam.


Equipment- Meter-mix dispense, vacuum systems, rotational casting, and hand-held dispense equipment.