BJB video project wins Hacker of the Month!

Writen By: Kim Nguyen Posted on Mar 06 ,2015
BJB video project wins Hacker of the Month!


 Last month BJB submitted its latest video project using 3D Printed parts to produce production silicone molds to Matter Hackers' "Hacker of the Month" contest and we WON!! 


"A big congrats to Troy Peterson, our April 2015 Hacker of the Month! Troy intrigued us with his method of using 3D printed parts to make production-ready silicone molds. His submission included a thorough video about creating molds for a Skin Rejuvenator that often gets mistaken for a hair dryer. Peterson, who works in Technical Sale and Marketing for BJB Enterprises, has a background in aerospace composites, mold-making, and graphic design. BJB has a long history in product development, entertainment, theme park, and manufacturing industries..."

click this link for the whole article



 Watch the video

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